Features & benefits

  • High-speed search with expanded search capabilities

    High-speed search with expanded search capabilities

    Benefits For Shop Visitor

    Shop visitors will find the product they need quickly even if they search using part of a word or use a complex search query which consists of several words.

    Shop visitors can search by direct and indirect characteristics of a product. There is no need to recollect the product name or brand.

    To find the product, shop visitors do not need to spend extra time or make extra clicks, SumatoCommerce AI Search will show all matching products right in the instant search results.

    SumatoCommerce AI Search reacts very quickly to any changes in the search query. With every new character, the shop visitor will see an updated list of search results.

    Benefits For Shop Owner

    SumatoCommerce AI Search ensures that whenever you have a relevant product, your shop visitors will find it. It dramatically increases the chance they will make a purchase and you will get a happy customer.

    You will appreciate the speed of SumatoCommerce AI Search and how it contributes to the satisfaction of your customers.

    SumatoCommerce AI Search looks through all the information about a product in its Shopify profile, including its full description, variants, vendors, tags, product type and other parameters.

    SumatoCommerce AI Search is developed to cope with typos and mistakes in search queries and to understand search queries which consist of just part of a word or of several words.

    As a result, it effectively processes even unclear, incomplete, incorrect and complex search queries.

    In addition, the more details provided by the shop’s visitors in the search query, the more relevant the products displayed in the search results.

  • Thought-out interface for superior user experience

    Thought-out interface for superior user experience

    Benefits For Shop Visitor

    Search results are displayed in such a way that:

    • Shop visitors do not have to browse a product category or collection (though they can if they want). They see products from the relevant category or collection in search results instantly.
    • Shop visitors can see product previews in the instant search results right under the search field while they are still formulating the search query. This helps the customers to find relevant products faster.

    Benefits For Shop Owner

    As soon as the search process starts the visitor’s attention is focused on the actual products, which increases the probability of a purchase. Therefore, SumatoCommerce AI Search helps to increase the conversion of your shop visitors into buyers.

    The automatic search prompts under the search field include not only text suggestions for completing or redefining the search query, but also suggestions in the form of product previews and a list of relevant product categories.

    It is noteworthy that the search prompts of SumatoCommerce AI Search include only suggestions which will not bring zero search results. This avoids misleading shop visitors and wasting their time.

  • Seamless adaptation to the shop visitor’s query on mouse hovering

    Seamless adaptation to the shop visitor’s query on mouse hovering

    Benefits For Shop Visitor

    The product list is immediately adapted to the shop visitors' mouse hovering over search prompts, which helps to quickly switch between search queries without downloading extra pages of search results.

    Benefits For Shop Owner

    The faster customers find the desired product the more probable they will make a purchase.

    When the shop visitors hover their mouse over text suggestions or product category names in instant search results, the product images are immediately adapted, so the users instantly see relevant products and do not spend extra time on opening numerous pages of search results.

  • Auto correction of search queries

    Auto correction of search queries

    Benefits For Shop Visitor

    Visitors don't have to pay attention to errors and typos in the search query they will not prevent them from getting relevant results.

    Benefits For Shop Owner

    You won't lose your clients because they will find your goods even if they mistype the names of products or categories.

    SumatoCommerce AI Search checks all information about a product in its Shopify profile. Coupled with an advanced algorithm for working with typos, it ensures shop visitors will receive zero search results only if a variation of the searched word is absent in the entire product catalogue.

    SumatoCommerce AI Search will correct a search query and provide relevant search results when shop visitors: miss a letter, type a wrong letter, add an extra letter, type words without a space, add an extra space or make other mistakes.

  • Convenient sorting of search results

    Convenient sorting of search results

    Benefits For Shop Visitor

    The shop visitor has a convenient overview of his or her current search results, can specify a desired price range, sort products by brands, categories, collections and tags relevant for this visitor, browse through numerous pages with search results to make an informed choice.

    Benefits For Shop Owner

    The available sorting options help to increase sales by enabling shop visitors to tailor search results to their preferences, quickly find what is needed and make a purchase.

    The shop visitors will get search results by choosing suggestions or categories in the drop-down menu under the search field.

    They can sort the search results with the parameters which have proved their relevance with users: sorting by popularity displays the most popular products first, sorting by price shows the products with the lowest price first, and sorting by novelty lists the newest products first.

    By moving the price slider or by clicking on the checkboxes next to product categories, the shop visitors narrow down their choice and get closer and closer to their ideal product.

  • SumatoCommerce AI Search looks like a natural part of your shop

    SumatoCommerce AI Search looks like a natural part of your shop

    Benefits For Shop Visitor

    The shop visitors do not perceive the search functionality as a third-party program built into your online shop, which makes it feel natural and comfortable to use.

    Benefits For Shop Owner

    You do not need to worry about the compatibility of the search functionality, it’s fully consistent with the look and feel of your shop.

    The styles, colors and fonts of SumatoCommerce AI Search are inherited from the theme of Shopify the shop owner has chosen. This makes the whole store consistent.

  • Flawless support for mobile devices

    Flawless support for mobile devices

    Benefits For Shop Visitor

    The shop visitors can comfortably search for your products using any device. Both instant results with product suggestions and regular search results will be displayed correctly for users of all devices.

    Benefits For Shop Owner

    You will not lose customers if they use mobile devices.

    As a professional software development company we take pride in developing quality software. Both our designer and the developers of SumatoCommerce AI Search have taken special care to ensure responsiveness to mobile devices.

Additional Benefits for Shop Owners

  • Advanced search analytics for smarter business decisions and better customer service

    Advanced search analytics for smarter business decisions and better customer service

    SumatoCommerce AI Search provides real-time analytics without time restrictions. This means you always have access to up-to-date and full search statistics regardless of the selected subscription plan.

    Detailed reports and graphs will provide you with important information about customer needs and preferences. Customization possibilities will help to focus on the information relevant to your specific needs.

    You will easily understand what products are popular, what nobody is searching for and what products are in demand but cannot be found.

    With the help of this information, you will be able to optimize the product inventory and serve your customers better.

    You can also add an IP address or list of IP addresses from which you don't want to collect statistics. It will help you to clearly see statistics from real customers’ search queries and clicks.

    We are continuously developing SumatoCommerce AI Search with the goal of providing you with all the necessary data for decision making. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at AISearch-support@sumatosoft.com with ideas and requests for new reporting or functionality you may need.

    The graphs and reports are designed and developed with special care, as a result they are pleasant to work with and are easy to understand.

    Search statistics are split into such areas as "Suggestions", "Products", "Categories", "No results" and "Straightforward searches" (or “Direct searches”).The report “Straightforward searches” (or “Direct searches”) show how many shop visitors search purposefully and do not use search prompts.

    For adding or excluding IP addresses, please go to Analytics/Settings.

    Your current IP address is shown in the dashboard, which saves you time trying to find it.

  • Switching between shops

    Switching between shops

    If you own or administer several Shopify stores, you can easily switch between them. You will not lose time on the lengthy login procedure which consists of several steps at Shopify.

    This occurs via a convenient drop-down available on the Analytics page, which allows the shop owner to see analytics for another shop right away.

  • Instant synchronization of product data

    Instant synchronization of product data

    After launching your shop on the Shopify app store all your product data will be synchronized with SumatoCommerce AI Search within minutes. All subsequent synchronizations will be immediate.

    As a result, your shop visitors can instantly search for any newly added products or for products with updated information.

    During your trial period SumatoCommerce AI Search will synchronize all your product data. If you choose a free subscription plan afterwards, SumatoCommerce AI Search will synchronize the 50 products that were first added to your product catalogue.

    If you want to let your shop visitors search for more products you can choose one of our paid subscription plans.

    You can see the number of products synchronized at any time. Likewise, you will be able to see the date of the last synchronization and whether your shop’s visitors see up-to-date information for all products.

  • App notifications

    App notifications

    To keep your finger on the pulse, you can enable smart in-app or email notifications. You can also choose to activate both in-app and email notifications or none at all.

    We have considered the cases where you may want to be notified so you can quickly take action. Both in-app and email notifications work in real time.

    You also review the notification history as well as see which notifications have not been read yet.

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