Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does SumatoCommerce AI Search work?

    SumatoCommerce AI Search looks through all the information available about a product in its Shopify profile, including a full description, variants, vendors, tags, a product type and other parameters. When shop visitors begin to type their search query, SumatoCommerce AI Search reacts right after they enter the second character and provides a list of instant search results with text suggestions to complete and/or refine the query. It also includes product images and categories in the drop-down under the search field. With every new character or change in the search query, SumatoCommerce AI Search instantly adapts the list of search results accordingly.

  • What makes SumatoCommerce AI Search different from the standard search of Shopify or other search apps?

    The key advantages of SumatoCommerce AI Search are:

    • Expanded search capabilities powered by Artificial Intelligence. As a result, shop visitors find relevant products faster and turn into customers
    • Auto correction of search queries
    • SumatoCommerce AI Search looks like an integral part of your shop
    • Great user interface with the focus on products
    • SumatoCommerce AI Search runs like clockwork and doesn’t slow down your online store
    • Real-time, very convenient, and practical search analytics for shop owners
  • Can I try SumatoCommerce AI Search for free?

    Yes, of course. As long as your store is in the development stage, you can have an unlimited trial of our app. As soon as you launch your store, you will have a further 30-day free trial.

  • My trial period is ending soon. What should I do?

    You don’t need to worry if you have 50 products or less inyour shop. After your trial period expires, you will automatically get our free subscription plan. It covers 50 products. If you have more than 50 products, SumatoCommerce AI Search will synchronize only the first 50 products added. If you want to let your shop visitors search for more products you can choose one of our paid subscription plans

  • If I install SumatoCommerce AI Search and start a free trial but forget about it and don’t open it for a couple of months, will the trial run out?

    Yes. The trial lasts 30 days from the start date. If you do not change it afterwards, you will have a free subscription plan under which SumatoCommerce AI Search will synchronize the data of the 50 products which were first added to your product catalogue for free. If you want to let your shop visitors search for more products you can choose one of our paid subscription plans. If you use SumatoCommerce AI Search for your store while it is still being developed, you can reach out to us at ask for a prolonged trial.

  • I want to change my subscription plan. What should I do?

    You should choose the relevant subscription plan from the "Plans" menu and your chosen subscription plan will be immediately applied.

  • Will your search app work for my shop visitors if the current number of products in my catalogue exceeds the limit of my subscription plan?

    Don't worry, SumatoCommerce AI Search won't stop working when this happens. SumatoCommerce AI Search will only synchronize the number of products stated in your selected subscription plan. For synchronization, the app will choose the first added products. You may want to consider changing your subscription plan in order to have all your product data synchronized.

  • How much time does the synchronization of product data take?

    The first synchronization of your product data will take a few minutes. You can see the progress of the synchronization in the "Sync" menu in the app. While the system is synchronizing the products, this menu item has a red circle. If you open the “Sync” menu item, you will see a progress bar showing how much time is remaining. All subsequent synchronizations will be immediate.

  • I have several shops. Can I install SumatoCommerce AI Search in all of them?

    Yes. SumatoCommerce AI Search works perfectly with several shops and you can easily switch between shops using the convenient drop-down menu available on the Analytics page.

  • Will I get up-to-date statistics of my users' search queries or will I get it with a delay of several days?

    SumatoCommerce AI Search has detailed search analytics, which in contrast to our competitors, is real-time and will provide you with important statistics about customer needs and preferences. Real-time analytics means you always have up-to-date and full statistics. The data is constantly being updated behind the scenes. SumatoCommerce AI Search analytics has a convenient UI with carefully developed graphs and reports, which are pleasant to work with and easy to understand.

  • If I have some questions about the functionality of the SumatoCommerce AI Search app how can I contact support?

    You can find a convenient "Support" button on each page of the app. You can write your question there and provide your email in order to receive an answer. Also, you can send your question to and we will gladly help you with any issues.

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