About SumatoCommerce

AI Search is a solution designed and developed by SumatoCommerce. We are part of SumatoSoft, a Belarus-based IT company which has successfully worked with enterprise, mid-sized and startup companies on their B2B and B2C E-commerce, complex web and mobile apps, IoT solutions, API Integration services.

Our work has always been guided by the goal of finding the best solution for our clients’ business challenges, building only high quality software solutions. For more information about our company please visit https://sumatosoft.com.

SumatoCommerce AI Search team

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  • Yury Shamrey

    Yury Shamrey

    CEO, Founder

  • Tatiana Anofrenko

    Tatiana Anofrenko

    Project Manager

  • Katerina Merzlova

    Katerina Merzlova

    Marketing Manager

  • Alexander Psyshchanitsa

    Alexander Psyshchanitsa

    Chief Designer

  • Maxim Zhur

    Maxim Zhur

    Software Developer

  • Simon Shchukin

    Simon Shchukin

    Software Developer

  • Elizabeth Olehnovich

    Elizabeth Olehnovich

    Software Developer

  • Nikita Pridorozko

    Nikita Pridorozko

    Software Developer

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Other solutions by SumatoSoft

  • Enterprise ApplicationsEnterprise Applications

    Enterprise Applications

    Development of enterprise apps, including complex ERP, CRM, HRM, automated billing and payment systems etc.

  • Startup solutionsStartup solutions

    Startup solutions

    Helping startups and small business to make prototypes and Minimum Viable Products ready to enter the market.

  • B2B & B2C E-commerceB2B & B2C E-commerce

    B2B & B2C E-commerce

    Functional e-Commerce solutions (online stores, auctions, marketplaces, etc.) for B2B ans B2C sectors.

  • Internet of thingsInternet of things

    Internet of things

    Development of highly efficient web and mobile applications for IoT to make the world interconnected.

  • Mobile ApplicationsMobile Applications

    Mobile Applications

    Creating multifunctional and user-friendly mobile applications to get the utmost from mobile world.

  • Chatbot development

    We’ll plan and develop custom unique chatbots integrated with popular social messengers: Facebook, Slack, Skype

Empower growth with SumatoCommerce AI Search and watch your sales skyrocket

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