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Why SumatoCommerce AI Search is the first choice for your Shopify store

  • AI-Powered for Expanded Search CapabilitiesAI-Powered for Expanded Search Capabilities

    AI-Powered for Expanded Search Capabilities

    SumatoCommerce AI Search has advanced search capabilities powered by Artificial Intelligence that guarantees shop visitors will find every single product in your catalogue quickly. SumatoCommerce AI Search will instantly find relevant products even if shop visitors mistype them, use only part of a word or several words, search by brand or any other direct or indirect characteristic.

  • Excellent User Interface, Including on Mobile DevicesExcellent User Interface, Including on Mobile Devices

    Excellent User Interface, Including on Mobile Devices

    The thought-out user interface (with original visualization of products in the search process, advanced product prioritization in search results, and flawless support for mobile devices) results in a superior user experience. This means visitors to the shops empowered by SumatoCommerce AI Search find relevant products quickly and are more likely to purchase them.

  • To the Point and Easy to UseTo the Point and Easy to Use

    To the Point and Easy to Use

    SumatoCommerce AI Search is not overloaded with excessive and rarely used features, so it’s easy to use and its pricing is affordable for no matter if you’re either an enterprise or a small or a medium business. Our product development team is continuously analyzing the needs of shop owners and visitors so that new features are relevant and released quickly.

  • No Artificial LimitationsNo Artificial Limitations

    No Artificial Limitations

    SumatoCommerce AI Search doesn’t limit its functionality by the number of search queries shop visitors make. You will have full access to search analytics which is not limited by a time period.

  • Search Analytics Tailored for eCommerceSearch Analytics Tailored for eCommerce

    Search Analytics Tailored for eCommerce

    SumatoCommerce AI Search is geared to help your business grow. Its search analytics is uncluttered and focus on the eCommerce specific data. It also works in real-time. This ensures that you, as a shop owner, always have access to full and up-to-date search statistics. Besides, it’s customizable, which makes it extremely convenient to use and equips you with insights about customer needs and preferences so you can optimize product inventory and generate more sales.

  • Reliable for Small and Large ShopsReliable for Small and Large Shops

    Reliable for Small and Large Shops

    SumatoCommerce AI Search is stable and runs like clockwork for both small and large product catalogues, so it won't slow down your web store. Even when the trial is over and you have not chosen a subscription plan yet, SumatoCommerce AI Search will not stop working, you will automatically get our Free subscription plan covering 50 products.

  • Easy to Keep Your Finger on the PulseEasy to Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

    Easy to Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

    Don't worry about missing important news or updates. You can choose to have both in-app and email notifications, activate one notification method or none at all.

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  • Reports Export

    Reports ExportReports Export

    AI Search analytical reports will be available for download in CSV and PDF formats. Wherever you are, spend some quality time: analyze the needs of your customers and make data-driven decisions.

  • New Reports Introduced

    New Reports IntroducedNew Reports Introduced

    The new reports will allow you to stay informed about the products users added to cart and get more info in the standard reports. You will make the data-driven decisions.

  • Synchronization Control

    Synchronization ControlSynchronization Control

    AI Search is all about flexibility: now you will be able to configure rules for your catalog synchronization. Just go to Settings and select product categories you would like to synchronize in the automatic mode.